About To the Moon LLC

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Hi there! My name is Christina McKearin, and I am the owner of To the Moon LLC. I am a Mommy of two beautiful children, ages 9 and 5 months. My husband is my best friend and a pretty awesome aerospace engineer. I am a former science teacher, who loves all things nature, babies, animals and- of course- SEWING.

If someone had told me that I would one day make clothing as a business, I would have laughed. As a matter of fact, I still chuckle when I think of it now. This is a dream come true, but not the lifetime dream some people have from childhood. This dream came to be through a long series of life events and providential opportunities. 

From childhood, I enjoyed making things. My mother and grandmother taught me to sew, knit, craft, and crochet, and she, my sister and I often took interesting-but unusual-classes, like smocking and cake decorating. I loved it all, but working with needles was my favorite. I made many doll outfits, most of which were pretty hideous. I took some classes during college and learned basic quilting, and just continued to sew, knit and crochet as hobbies until recently. 

When I became engaged, I decided to make everything for my wedding, which I did. I also did quite a bit of hobby sewing and painting then, but only for myself, family and friends.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, a whole new love entered my life: sewing baby dresses and accessories. My friends and family seemed to love what I made, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I began refining my sewing skills, and as any seamstress, I still consider myself a lifelong student of the stitch. 

Serging ruffles for diaper covers! Ruffle Diaper Covers and my fuel of choice- Vanilla LatteKnitting and crochet are also my loves. Cute messy bun beanies!

I aspire to share beauty with others through the things I make, and to be able to walk in the footsteps of some of the most selfless people I know- my mom and dad.I lost my mother to cancer in 2008, and my father in June, 2016. They both inspired and motivated me to always do my best at anything I want to do, and because of them I can say that my love of sewing is only outdone by my love for sharing with others.

It is through this inspiration, and Providential opportunity, that I was drawn to Damali and her ministry at the Sonrise Babies Home. She truly lives a life of sacrifice and selflessness in her ministry. Her story is amazing and I am so humbled in hearing about her experiences.

Christina McKearin with Sophie, her daughterSon, Jonathan, at our weddingMy daddy and I at my wedding

I knew I wanted to contribute to society with my business in a meaningful way, and am so blessed to have been introduced to Damali through a friend. I look forward to being able to bless her ministry in any way that I can, which has resulted in a partnership between my business and her ministry. Now, when you make a purchase, you can know that a portion of that purchase is donated to Sonrise Babies Home, to help support those beautiful babies.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to get to know me and what I do. I hope you enjoy your visit to my little shop, and I'll talk to you soon on my upcoming blog! Have a beautiful day! <3<3

The McKearin Family out at Huber Farms

Love, Christina