New Special Occasion Dresses in the Shop

Christina McKearin

You are invited to tea! When I was little, I loved to play with my dolls, having parties and dressing up. Your little doll is extra-sweet in frills, ruffles, eyelet lace, and swishy dresses. The swishier, the better! 

Special Occasion Dress

       I've been working hard the past few weeks, designing my very first line of dresses for my shop. Choosing dress designs, hacking and altering patterns, choosing fabrics and other materials, and planning took so much time, but it is so worth it! I'm loving every moment of sewing these beautiful frilly dresses for some pretty little ladies to twirl in. 

fabrics for new dressesmint easter dress

            My little Sophie girl has been "helping" me by making sure Mommy isn't to absorbed in sewing to take a little walk here and there. :) She's my inspiration for several of the dresses. I have learned that baby clothing should be easy to put on and, more importantly, to remove! All kinds of yucky things happen to baby outfits, but those adorable instagram or facebook photos are sooo worth the effort! After all, those photos are the only thing you get to keep from today!

green easter dresspink dress ruffles

The Tea Party Dresses are all ruffly, with pastel colors and feminine styles. I really love vintage looks, especially those styles with ruffles (can you tell?)! What styles do you love the most?

pink dress with bow

I have discovered that clothing is just so much better on a person, so in the coming weeks, I'm excited about getting my photography equipment. Then, I can practice my skills (or lack thereof) on my beautiful niece, and, of course, Miss Sophie. I can't wait. 

sophie smiling with a bowsophie on a walk

It's late, and I'm working the night shift again, so I'd better go. I still need to send that awesome coupon code to my newsletter VIPs, and to get everything ready for the launch of my first dress- the Avery Dress. Talk to you soon, and have a beautiful day!

Love, Christina <3<3

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